​​​​By maintaining an application of wax to your vehicles paint it will help prevent fading, discoloring, and oxidation which are common effects of sun damage. Wax on a molecular level polishes the clear coat of your vehicle and brings out the clarity, color, and shine. It is recommended to wax your vehicle four times per year. Typically a wax layer can last for 3 months. However, certain elements can speed up the degradation of the wax layer such as sun exposure, heavy rain, regular car washing, and salty air all work against the car wax. Call us today to schedule yours at 843-516-9045. 

Wax Starting Price*: $55 cars / $65 mid size SUVs / $75 Trucks  


We also offer a clay bar with wax service. With this service, the bar will decontaminate by removing over-spray, tar, rail dust, artillery fungus, and daily grime build-up from the roads we drive on.

Clay Bar with Wax Starting Price*: $125 cars / $150 mid SUVs / $175 Trucks

These services require an appointment and that the vehicle be dropped off as it could take several hours to complete. Pricing for either service could change based on condition of vehicle once we evaluate in person. Services includes hand wash, dry, clean wheels, and tire shine.